Question: Principal and treasurer say no new board members

The leaders of our PTO have moved on to a different school, except for the Treasurer. New parents want these positions, but the Treasurer says this year there won't be any officers voted in and that she will be controlling everything. The principal agrees. Can this really happen or is there something we can do about this?

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Advice from PTO Today

lharac writes:
The first thing you should do is check your PTO's bylaws, if your group has them; they would almost certainly not allow this kind of thing to take place. You should also (calmly, reasonably) point out to your treasurer that such a move really won't do much to inspire confidence and support from your members. What a positive it is to have new parents willing to step up into leadership roles! And what a shame it would be to lose that goodwill -- especially since the negative effects are likely to last beyond this treasurer's term of office.

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