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I was ask to be president this year when no one wanted it. Went through the year fixing as much as I could. Now I'm being asked to run elections based on bylaws that are almost 30 years old and haven't been updated. Example, no nominating committee or parliament. How can I do this! ?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Bylaws are rules for your group, but they're not all the rules. As president, you have a fair amount of discretion. Example: Just because there's no nominating committee listed in the bylaws doesn't mean you can't create one. If you want a parliamentarian, you can appoint one. You would need to revise the bylaws to have that person be a voting board member, but you can certainly have someone serve in that role. And when you do revise the bylaws, you can hold a vote to elect that person as a board member.

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