Question: can PTO purchase television for school library?

Our elementary school is looking to revitalize the school library. Can PTO fund the purchase for a bigger ticket item, such as a television? Can PTO fund other technological projects as long as the focus is to assist students in their learning environment?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
You could check your bylaws to see if there are specific rules related to what the PTO can or can not purchase. Often, though, groups have purchasing guidelines that say items can be purchased if they support the group's mission, as in enriching the children's school experience. A TV in the library would fall under that category (assuming folks aren't using it just for reality shows!!) If it is a big-ticket item, it likely will require a vote at a general meeting to approve the purchase. Other technological projects would be funded under the same types of guidelines. The catch with computers, though, is school districts sometimes have their own specific tech guidelines for these purchases, so your group needs to make sure it follows those.

Here's a great article that provides basic spending guidelines to help your group figure out what it should and shouldn't spend money on.

Hope it's helpful and good luck!

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