Question: Making a letter to parents asking for donations for our pto president end of the year gift...

This year our pto has gone throughout. Our president has done beyond her role and really made a difference in our school. She has played all of our roles at times and no matter how bad things got, she made sure our children were put first and sometimes before she put her own family first. The teachers and I want to collect donations for a end of the card to a restuarant, hotel, etc. Can anyone help me put together a letter to send home to parents?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
We don't have a sample like that, but I think if you put together a letter with what you said above, that would be effective. ie "Our PTO president this year has gone above and beyond [in these ways]. She was so dedicated and always put the children first." Also state that you would like to thank and honor her for her exemplary service. Then be fairly specific about what you're asking people to donate. "If you're able, we would very much appreciate your help..." and ask for a specific donation. ($5?)

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Barron writes:
I am looking for the same sample letter as well; if i find one i will send it to you.
would you do the same for me?
thank you!

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