Question: Treasurer Responsibilies

Our VP and treasurer are always "balancing the check book" together. They always want the receipts, etc because they are "working on the check book"; shouldn't it be the responsibility of the treasurer? If she needs help should the entire executive board be apart of that help?

Asked by tracyb



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
The treasurer is responsible for making sure the checkbook is balanced and the financial records are in order. If her process involves asking someone to help -- whether it's to double-check her numbers or to read off information while she types it into the computer or some other reason -- I'd say that's her choice. It may very well be a situation where two people can do the work more efficiently than one, but five people would make the work very inefficient. As far as the board's role, she should be providing a report of the monthly transactions to the board, as well as a performance to budget report. The board should make sure that the books are reviewed by a committee at the end of the year before they are closed out. Also, we strongly recommend that you have the monthly bank statement reviewed by someone who is not a signer on the account. That's an important financial control.

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