Question: Restarting a new PTO

We are having a big issue at our school where the current PTO Executive Board is not following their own bylaws. Voting is done in private and not at general meetings, they are treating the principal as an “advisor,” and making terrible fundraising decisions (where a third party company is keeping over 50% of donations). A group of parents wants to see them disbanded and start a new PTO immediately where we are *for the kids.* How do we go about this? Everything is shady, there is missing money, vague expenses, and they are upsetting our entire parent and teacher population. Please help!

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Advice from PTO Today

Liz L writes:
Violating the bylaws is a serious matter; they make up the legal document for running your parent group, and not following these laws of your organization can put its status as a nonprofit or tax-exempt organization at risk; it can also make the officers in question personally liable if someone decides to sue your parent group.

If you think there's been a bylaws violation, you should talk it over with the principal and/or your district to determine the next steps. For more information, check this article - the last section is about bylaws violations.

- Liz from PTO Today

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