Question: I have had my fill

I have taken a full time job and am no longer able to fufill the President postition. Other members are also leaving the board and there are no new nominations. How do I remove myself from the accounts, etc. and let the adminstration handle this next school year?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I'm sorry to hear that things haven't worked out for you, but I certainly understand that sometimes things get so frustrating you have to step away. I'd recommend sending a brief written note to any remaining board members and the principal telling them that you are resigning. You'll probably need to go to the bank to remove your name from the account -- that's usually something you have to do in person. If there are any vendors or others you deal with regularly, send them a note telling them who to contact for the time being. Best wishes to you, and thanks for giving your time and effort to trying to make your school a better place.

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