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Our bylaws do not indicate the number of parents that can serve on the board for any of the positions. In past years we have not had more than 2 people in one board position. Some of us would like to change that this coming year to allow more parent involvement. We feel if parents come forward to be involved we should embrace them. If they do not get elected there is a good chance they will not remain involved, or at least not as involved as they would have been if they had been included in the board. We are thinking about adding chairperson or community board positions to the org chart so theya re included in the baord but possibly not as a voiting member? I welcome your advice, suggestions and input. We had 200 parents sign up for our 1-hour power pledge at the beginning of the year so we feel there is interest from our parents in being more involved! Thanks! Kristi

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badpants writes:
I think th efirst thing you need to do is revise your by-laws to state how many members should comprise your board and what those specific positions are. And it wouldn't hurt to specify who can and can not be a board member. We have 5. A president, 1st vice, 2nd vice, secretary and treasurer. each of them have specific job descriptions and responsibilities. Personally, I do not feel that committee chairs should be a part of the board, however as a board member, one could certainly also chair a committee. Being on the board, but without a vote could make parents not feel very valued. And the phrase, "too many chiefs, not enough indians" comes to mind. If everyone is in charge, everyone will be sure to disagree. I would get right on your 200 parents who pledged! Send out a flyer listing all the events or committes that will need volunteers and ask those parents where they are most interested in helping out.

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