Question: Uniform swap

Some of our board members are creating a uniform swap night nightmare. Has anyone done a uniform swap event and if so, how did you manage it?

Asked by Kristen



Community Advice

badpants writes:
We used to have a uniform store in the library where outgrown uniforms were donated and then sold for $1-5. That became difficult to manage. We now have have them out at most meetings instead, particularly at the start of the school year and the start of seasons, like October when we switch from shorts to pants & uniform sweatshirts. And then again in the spring. We also have a closet where parents can bring items to donate or sort thru when it's convenient for them.

Community Advice

delia.tibbs writes:
We have specified dates that we layout uniforms for swap. It is usually 3 weeks prior to the uniform change for Fall/Spring. We lay out both the Spring and Winter uniforms. We offer parents the option of swapping out old items or paying a dollar per item. They can send the items to school earlier that week, and pick up what they need on the uniform swap date. That way we already have the uniforms available for other parents. Although we make a modest profit, it is really just a service for the parents. If someone missed the date, they can contact the coordinator and meet at our HSA meeting. We found that it is too much for an every month event, and there are too many items to just leave them out. It becomes an eye sore.

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