Question: Local business looking to setup partnership with PTO

I'm a business owner looking to partner with local PTO's. I would like to give 5% of every purchase back to the PTO for everyone who comes in from that school. Has anyone done this with other business? Did you have certain paperwork in place? Any information would be great!

Asked by amattress



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badpants writes:
What kind of business do you have? Is it something that people would frequent weekly/monthly or is it more like once or twice a year? I can think of several businesses in my area that have that sort of program.

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Cindella writes:
It might be best to check with the superintendent of schools or at least inquire what policies are in existence with the school department. Our town has specific limits on advertising and probably every town or state has different parameters. Also if individual school principals are not sure on the interpretation of a rule, you've already gone to a higher source for an answer. If you are a private business doing this on your own, there are several commercial companies that run similar programs that you can borrow formats from if you need to draft paperwork to propose your program. Web surf them under fundraising. Good Luck!

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