Question: Event Wrap-Up Sheet

I would like to write a "wrap-up" sheet for a recent school fundraiser. Just an overview of the good, the bad and the ugly of our recent fundraiser to keep on file for the future because details tend to get fuzzy over time. That way next year I won't make the same mistakes and in the future the next person in charge of that fundraiser will have tips and contact information readily available. Is there any kind of template available for this? I have looked, but haven't found much. Thanks in advance for your help!

Asked by cnovak10



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
This post-even evaluation form will likely help. You can get feedback from the chairs on the good, the bad and the ugly as you say (that cracks me up!!) and it will help the group going forward. Here's the link.

Good luck!

Community Advice

cnovak10 writes:
Thanks, Rose! It is perfect!

Community Advice

clayboggess writes:
This is a great idea and we encourage all groups to do it. The best time to evaluate your results is right after your fundraiser is over. Unfortunately, this is typically when you’re more tempted to put anything remotely related to fundraising to bed for a while. We recommend checking out Effective School Fundraising Evaluation which provides tips on how you can positively affect future performance by analyzing recent results.

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