Question: Does anyone have a Sunshine Fund?

We live in a small town & in the past we gave gift cards from the local market to families that had a death or serious illness in the family. (4 in a short time) We have some students who have chronic/terminal illnesses and are hospitalized often. This weekend one family lost everything in a fire. I want to see if other groups make donations at such times & how is it written in your bylaws? (not in ours)

Asked by oceanpackrat



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
This is a good question. Sometimes, the issue of giving to families in need or to families who have suffered a loss can generate controversy. What happens is you will have parents in your group who believe that money raised by the PTO is strictly for enrichment programs and other activities specifically for the kids. That's a very real and respectable position to take. Yu will also have parents who strongly disagree with that point of view and they have a valid opinion as well. So, what some groups do is take up a collection as a voluntary effort, separate from the PTO funds. You can ask parents to pitch in for a specific event (like the family who experienced the fire), or you could set up a sunshine fund that could be used as events occur.

Community Advice

CPerry writes:
We hold very successful Bingo Nights, often accompanied by a Basket Raffle when we wish to donate to specific families or faculty in crisis. All the proceeds from that night go to the family in need. It has worked very well for us.

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