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We are in the process of taking our organization to a private account as a separate entity from our local school. We are a very small group, under 20 total members all together. Is it required by law that we have a Board of Directors, or is it enough to have our elected officials (President, VP, Treasurer, and Sec.)? We have a difficult enough time finding members and volunteers in our community of under 2,000, much less finding individuals who will be willing to sit on a Board of Directors! Please enlighten me, as President!

Asked by featheryoung77



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi featheryoung77! If you are organizing as a PTO, then, you have flexibility in how you would structure your board. Also, PTOs don't usually have a board of directors, but rather are run by a board with a president, treasurer, and secretary. Lots of boards also have a vice president and some are set up with co-presidents, etc. Basically, work with what you have or what you think will work best for the group. It's really key to have a treasurer and a president, or someone in a leadership position to oversee the group. How else you divvy up responsibilities is really up to you.

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