Question: Add an Advisor to bylaws

In our bylaws ,we note who the advisors to the executive board are:principal/ teachers and without job descriptions. We want to add another advisor to the board for special ed. Do we need to formalize the bylaws with an advisor job desciption or just note "advisor" like the others? Here is what our bylaws read about other advisors: Advisors to the Executive Board shall consist of: 1. The Ortega Elementary School Principal 2. Up to Two Teacher Representative(s)

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
You don't need to add a job description, but of course you can. The term "advisor" is pretty broad. If the current system is working for you, that's great and you should stick with it. If you now have a more specific idea of what an advisor does (ie it has become more concrete since they were first added to the bylaws), you might add a job description. A brief job description might also help in recruiting new people for the post, if needed.

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