Question: Amending bylaws to add a position

As a board we would like to amend our bylaws to move from "a" parent or guardian representative from each high school to "two (2)" parent or guardian representatives from each high school. At the present time, we have two representatives working for each school, but sharing one vote; it seems only fair to add a position and give our helpers full voting rights on the board. However, we have one board member who seems firmly entrenched that simply changing our "a" to "two" is not within Robert's Rules. The other bylaws committee members (myself included) seem to feel that in order to keep it simple for future boards, this is the best way to go. HELP, she is driving us all bonkers...

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
The wording change you propose is a simple amendment and is not in any way prohibited by Robert's Rules. To make that change, you need to follow the rules in your bylaws for amendments. If you don't have rules specified, Robert's Rules calls for members to receive advance notice of the vote, and a two-thirds vote (with a quorum present) is required to pass the amendment.

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