Question: Can someone run for two roles at the same time

If someone is running for President and VP, do we vote for President first and if the person wins, withdraw their name from VP? Where in Robert Rules is this?

Asked by ajwcnw



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Apparently Robert's Rules does not clearly prohibit anyone from running for two positions. With the scenario you've indicated, you would hold the election from the top of the ballot down. So, start with the election for president. Have members vote (by paper ballot or show of hands). Declare the winner and move to the next slot and so on down the ballot.

Community Advice

soccermomx2 writes:
What is the "rule" when an existing executive board member has been nominated to move in to a newly opened position? Would the existing executive board member be permitted to exercise his vote and vote for himself?

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