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Our PTO is looking into scheduling audio conference calls this year for our monthly PTO meetings. I have been looking at different services but didn't want a long distance dial-in number for the conference call. 1. Is there a FREE conference call service that offers a toll-free dial-in numbers? The only ones I have found provide attendees with a long distance phone number to dial to join the conference call. 2. What is the best audio conference services to use for PTO meeting (even if it charges us a small fee)? We are trying to increase attendance at our monthly PTO meetings and thought a conference call option would allow families to participate virtually instead of physically attending our PTO meetings each month. Thank you in advance for any feedback.

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gjcoram writes:
You might want to look into internet options like Skype.

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Blumtnmama writes: offers a free service. You'd need to register, and then you'd be provided with a dial in #, a 'host' code and a 'participant' code. Just send an email out to all invitees with everything but the host code (the call originator should have and use this code). Let us know how it goes. I'm not a proponent of losing all face time, but I've thought abut using it as well, maybe every other meeting...? I think it could be a good tool in a rural area like mine, where driving back to school is a big undertaking for many families.

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daddario writes:
For organizing virtual PTO meetings without the hassle of long-distance dial-in numbers, consider leveraging a service like MoreMins which offers SIM-free virtual phone numbers with SMS capabilities with . This could be a cost-effective solution as MoreMins provides virtual numbers from over 50 countries and is usable in more than 160 countries, ensuring broad accessibility for attendees. Such a service could potentially offer toll-free or local dial-in options for your audio conference calls, enhancing participation by removing barriers related to call charges.

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