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I have read the paper on "Who Rules?" and can't quite find the answer I need. My question is this... Our PTO has been kept seperate from our schools tax ID. Recently we had a situation with our treasurer that got beyond the point of our group being able to handle it without advice. (Without going into great detail here, because it would take too long,) Instead of going to the legal authorities, we asked or school board for help. They did a small investigation. Only questioned the treasurer and then declared that because of this they want all officers to resign their posts and start all over again with new officers. Basically, we are all being punished for the actions of one person and she is walking away with a smile on her face. beings we asked for their help, and they could make it rough on our group down the line, do we actually have to agree to this or should we stand our ground. We are a newly formed group and none of our officers have been in place a full term. I suggested a E Board vote on this matter but they said they are not leaving it up to us.

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lrfritz writes:
You went to the Board for their Help..Their answer is what you have a problem with. Don't open the can if you don't want to leave the worms out! At this point to save any credibility you need to follow their lead...Next time hand your own problems within.

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