Question: PTO Never meets & spends without votes

I belong to a PTO that never meets, spends without anyone voting, changes presidents and other offices wothout voting, and will not do anything without the prinipal approving it.. It is like the principal runs the PTO.. What can we do as parents and members that are never consulted? Thanks

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
If you haven't done this yet, you might talk to the principal about the fact that there are parents who would like to get more involved in running the PTO, helping plan and organize, etc. but don't know how. Holding even quarterly meetings would give people an opportunity to get more involved and, as a result, feel more committed to the PTO and the school. One thing to keep in mind: If the principal (and president) thinks the current system is "working," it's going to be difficult to create change, and it will probably only come in incremental steps. If fundraising is good and volunteer support is good, you'll have to show him that they could be significantly better with change.

Community Advice

Peg writes:
We have the same situation and even though our by-laws say the principal's role is to rule only on matters of policy & procedure and on safety.

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