Question: Who can make motions, and who can vote?

Can any present parent who is NOT a PTO board member make a motion, and second it? Can all board members? And do all members present take part in the voting, or just the board members?

Asked by mjjss3747



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Sabrina Z writes:
All members take part in voting. That's why they are members. I am not sure about the motion. We're still pretty new. I would look at your bylaws.

Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Our article on Roberts Rules will come in handy. Generally, members can make a motion at a meeting and it is important for the president to guide that process. But, check your group's bylaws. It may specify who can or can not make a motion. 

This article gives a step-by-step outline of how it should happen: Roberts Rules: What You Should Know.

Hope this helps!


Community Advice

TashaGibbs writes:
I don't fully understand - can board members (not the president) make motions? Our bylaws do not address this specifically

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