Question: can the president of the pto make the decision of adding an extra member?

I am the new pto president for the new school and in our board we have an added member (based on suggestions) of fundraiser coordinator. Now three of our members, including the fundraiser coordinator, are friends with a teacher assitant at the school who didn't get elected for any position, want her to be assistant to the fundraiser coordinator for when she is out sick" due to that she may not even give me a call just to let me know she won't be to make some calls or attend and event. But I'm thinking well if you won't be able to call the president then how you to call her? They mentioned that the person they want in has ideas and that she would like to be considered in the e-board meetings. Now isn't a PTO is all about to raise funds and support our schools and children? They mentioned my personal life (since I work two businesses, that I may not be able to handle all this and that the fundraiser assstant will cover) isn't it why we have a vice-president? What do you suggest? I'm new, but don't want any personal influences or feelings come aboard, we are here to support the school and not our feelings. Right?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
It strikes me that this person can assist the fundraising coordinator without needing an official board position. If she had great ideas, encourage her to share them and help the fundraising coordinator.This person doesn't need to be on the board to do that. As far as board meetings go, that really is something just for the board so you have the freedom to discuss things comfortably, including sensitive issues. So, I would go at this with a positive attitude -- "Oh, great! Looking forward to her pitching in and helping!!" -- so no one gets defensive, but stand your ground on not really needing another board position. (And your personal/work life should have no bearing on any of this discussion!) Good luck!

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