Question: Playground Ideas

Our school playground is the school parking lot. We have no green space for big equipment. We need ideas for equipment, games, etc to make recess more fun.

Asked by stoussaint



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Can you stencil the parking lot? If it's allowed, you can get stencils for four square, hop scotch, and lots of other games. Use striping paint (the same thing they use for lining parking lot spaces) to paint them onto the blacktop.

Community Advice

AR Barbie writes:
Every Friday have a bounce house day??? A lot of companies are willing to donate or give at a low cost.

Community Advice

jtarantino writes:
We had the same issue...we're trying to raise funds for a playground but in the meantime we wanted to give the kids something to do. Our school is small K-2, we had some hippity hops and some outdoor toys. We made our own stencils since they are way too expensive to buy. We used construction/underlayment paper on the roll from Home Depot to cut out stencils & spray painted them onto the blacktop. We made a hippity hop race track (the kids favorite), a maze, a few creative hop scotches, big foot prints for the kids to follow around and a couple of 4 Square. It's colorful & fun and working out great so far and the kids are happy.

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