Question: Multi child fundraiser

Does anyone know if there is something out there that can help families with multiple children do fundraising? I have 3 kids in school and struggle with which child gets the prize. Help!

Asked by Dietzaudrey



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Rose H writes:
Hi Dietzaudrey!
I think this a great question! I'm posting it to our PTO & PTA Leaders group on Facebook. Thinking there are quite a few parents in the group who have dealt with this exact issue! Here's a link to the group: You can join the group by simply requesting to do so and we'll approve. Rose

Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hello again!

There's a lively discussion under way in our Facebook group -- Looks like your question sparked some good conversation!

Here's the link and thanks for posting!


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teachme writes:
One of the best ways to manage a fundraiser is with We have used this program for years and strongly recommend their product. They have a free trial anyone can take a test drive before they decide!

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