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Hi All. Our cub scout troop has asked if they can set up a table at our auction fundraiser to ask for donations from our families. I am having an issue with this for two reasons: 1. If we open up the door to outside groups fundraising on school grounds we will be dealing with cookies, candy, raffle tickets etc in addition to the fundraisers we do for the school and 2. This is in direct conflict with our fundraiser . We we need to have our families focused on our auction and raffle items so we can meet our fundraising goal for the year. I deperately need your opinions! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. ~Krisit

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Rockne writes:
I agree with you completely. Dosn't even seem like a close call to me. Tim

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Jackalope writes:
i doubt their booth is going to "steal your thunder", what sounds reasonable to me is allocating a certain time they can occupy a booth. that way you won't feel bad about not supporting the kids, while you have a sense of control over the activities at your fundraiser

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ScoutingGreg writes:
I am a local Scoutmaster with 50 years in the BSA. All Scouting fundraising must be approved in writing by the local Scouting district. Also, we expressly forbid asking for donations to Scouting in such a manner as you express. Scouts sell popcorn each year and have lots of fundraising activities, but never by asking for donations. Our fundraisers are always based on selling some good or service, you know, like Girl Scout Cookies. Call the local district and tell them about the cub pack in question. As you describe it, it is outside our policy. Perhaps they asked if they could sell their popcorn at your event. That's still a bad thing for them to do. I would never piggy-back on my charter organizations' fundraiser. I would volunteer to help it raise its money. That's the Scouting way to do it!

Greg Nelson

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