Question: Do you have guidelines for charitable donations?

Our school recently had 3 families experience major medical/health situations. one family has had fundraisers on their behalf and the others have not. Our PTO by-laws do not currently offer guidance on charitable giving protocol or limitations. If your PTO has included this in your by-laws, please share! Thanks in advance!

Asked by Rosie



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Your group can decide to make a donation this family. One option would be to take up a collection from the members rather than take it directly from the PTO bank account. Here's why: Group members may have different opinions on how the PTO funds should be used. Some might say that charitable donations are not part of the PTO mission of suppporting the children's educational environment. It might make sense to try taking up a collection and then seeing if your group wants to set up guidelines for charitable giving in the future. Good luck and sorry to hear about those families falling on hard times.

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