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we want to revise our bylaws but we as a board have come into conflict with some members they have resigned, these members have not been so supportive in events and in meetings now they are asking to be put in this spring ballot as a officer position I would like to know how to word our bylaws to state that they need to be ina probation period?

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firefighter464 writes:
I'm not certain your question gives enough information to answer it, your typos make it more difficult. If I get what you are saying, some non-supportive ??inactive?? members want on ballots to be elected as officers? Do your bylaws not have officers nominated with someone making a motion and that motion being seconded to get on a ballot? Or were there multiple inactive members who nominated and seconded amongst themselves? I think if the proper channels were followed for nominations you need to put them on a ballot and let your members vote. Let's hope the wider membership won't put inactive members as officers. Or, if they are elected, they may become quite active in the officer positions to be able to change what they've not been 'supportive' of up til now? (Sorry if I'm misunderstanding your description of these members, you didn't give much info.) When you start needing probationary periods to even want to run for an office, you may find yourself soon lacking volunteers as your current officers move on with their kids or burn out or with this economy even move away, depending on your town situation. And if you don't get nominations with a motion and a second, that ought to be your first bylaw change.

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