Question: Is there a national organization for PTO

Hello, Our school is in the process of moving from PTA to PTO. Is there an office that we need to report to as is for PTA? Annual reports, officers and such? Thank you Lisha G. Denny Shepherd PTO Inc President

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
There isn't a national PTO organization. No membership dues. You can set up your group independently, create your own by-laws and determine your own focus and priorities. PTO Today has a lot of great (and mostly free!) resources for you to help get set up if you are looking for guidance. Have you checked out our message boards? Lots of back and forth, ideas exchanged, etc. There is also our File Exchange, where you can download lots of forms that most groups use -- it helps avoid reinventing the wheel. We also have a Startup Tool Kit  which does have a download fee, but includes all the basics about bylaws, taxes and other useful information. Good luck and stay in touch!

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