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We have the meeting order down, and keeping everyone on track according to the agenda seems to work for us...but my question is, do all PTO/PTA groups post their agenda prior to the meetings? And if so, how do you get it out to everyone? Case in point... I e-mailed the agenda to the entire (small) group and not just officers. I feel there is nothing 'secret' that needs to wait to spring it on members at the meeting - and think it might actually help get though the meetings more quickly as everyone comes prepared with their ideas/questions/concerns/etc. Thanks for any input!

Asked by oceanpackrat



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
HI oceanpackrat. Sounds like having an agenda is working well for you. Many groups do post the agenda ahead of time and it is a nice thing to do for your parents. We hear that some groups post the agenda on either their own website or the school's website. Then they may also email it to parents ahead of time. By posting and emailing it, many parents will have it to review and then come to the meeting prepared. Some group make several copies of the agenda and put it out at the meeting for parents who like to look it over ahead of time and use it to follow along at the meeting.

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