Question: Electing officers

We are going to be informally electing officers to the parent club at our next meeting. I am not sure how to announce them. There are two positions that are open and we have one person to fill each position so there is not going to be a voting process. I don't just want to stand up and say taking over for President is.... I am not sure how to announce it.

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hmm. I see what you are saying. Would you consider holding a voting process anyway? I understand that there is just one person "running'' for each open slot. But, it is always good to underscore the importance of voting and keep that process in place, even when folks are running unopposed. When are your elections? Is there any chance someone else may step up to run? If not, and you have the two folks running unopposed, consider still going forward with the election. Then, you can announce the results. It's ok to have a little fun with it and announce that although there aren't big surprises here, you are nonetheless really happy to announce the results and name the folks who will be taking over.

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