Question: Guidance for Becoming a PTO

Our site is interested in forming a PTO. We would like to find out whether you offer guidance to begin one as well as, having a support representive come in and speak to us. Our site is made up of mostly Hispanic Spanish speaking parents. It would be fantastic if we could begin in the right steps.

Asked by losuna



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Great news that you want to start a PTO! We have a ton of resources on this site to help you get going. We have articles covering most key topics, from recruiting volunteers, managing a group and working with the administration to fundraising and building a sense of community. You may want to start with our article, How to Start A PTO. You'll find that this gives you an overview and it contains links to a number of other stories that have great start-up related information. You might want to check out our message boards. We have lots of different threads covering key topics and you'll find other parents often have great suggestions and advice. Also, you can call our customer support team at 1-800-644-3561. They'll be glad to walk you through any processes you need help with. Best of luck and please stay in touch so we can help your new group!

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