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We are being ask to spend 5200 on math books for grades k-2 I was just wondering if that is something that other pto's do or is the school board not responsible for that we are a public school

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Rose H writes:
Hi Anonymous,

Curious: Are these books the primary textbooks for these grades or are they supplemental books? How school districts handle this varies from district to district, so it would be a good idea to check with your administration. However, some school districts do allow parent groups (or other sources) to provide materials that supplement the curriculum. It would be fairly unusual for a school to allow a parent group to purchase the class textbook.

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Smelvin writes:
It is the whole curriculum for math that the principal is asking us to purchase that is why it seemed odd to me

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Rose H writes:
Hi Smelvin,
Well, that's not typical. Your group should first check what the district policies are regarding core curriculum purchases. If, in fact, the PTO is allowed to make these purchases, then, you may want to discuss this with your members. There's a philosophical issue here in terms of what the PTO's role is and what it should and should not fund. Make a decision as a group and then do what you determine is best for the kids, for the school.

Here's an article on What PTOs Should Pay For. It might help you as you work through this.

Good luck!
Rose C.

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