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I am wondering if someone can help me. I have tried to get information from the current treasurer (note: we do not have elected officers per her) and she will not respond. I have asked for by-laws was told me do not need them and have not had them. Have talked to several other people and they do not know where the money the PTO raises goes or what it has gone to. Have asked the secretary of the school and was told the school could do nothing. 1) how can I get this information? 2) what steps do I have to take to get by-laws in place? 3) What needs to be done in order to get the person out of the position and get the organization running right? THANK YOU for helping me solve some of these problems.

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Sounds like there is a whole lot going on here. So, you've tried to interact with the treasurer with no real positive outcome. Where is the rest of the board? Are there no other officers? I think a good starting point would be to reach out to the other board members if they exist. Does this parent group hold monthly meetings? Can you request that you'd like a budget update at the next meeting? The parent group should be holding meetings for its parents and providing financial information (basic information on what is coming in from fundraising, donations and where it is being spent) on a regular basis. The school secretary may have said the "school could do nothing'' meaning your parent group is independent. So, how about starting with the basics of getting ahold of the other board members and asking for general information. See what happens with that simple request and take it from there. For example, you may discover that bylaws do exist (from a previous time/different board) and you could work from there.

Community Advice

Countrygirl writes:
No monthly meetings, she is the only "officer" that they have, no bylaws etc. So I spoke to the super of the school and he put it on the board agenda, I am not sure what is going on I just asked that she provide information and that the tax id number she gave me was no longer current.

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