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We are starting our own website and I would like to know some of the better web hosting sites. Some of the features I am thinking of are: * able to join mailing list * Forms * able to pay for membership, yearbooks, spirit wear and make donations online (will need to find the right provide for this as well) * easy to update with news and events * calendar I have been researching for a couple of weeks now and there are a ton out there (weebly, google, godaddy, fatcow). Thank you!

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Rose H writes:
Hi krzmom, It is hard to sort through all the information out there. Unfortunately, I can't recommend or endorse any particular web hosting sites. I can, however, direct you to one of our recent threads on the message boards with some parents talking about choices they've made. You can review what they had to say and get in touch with any of them for additional help. (Or just post on that thread as well.) Here's the thread on web hosting sites.Good luck!

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Alwin Millie writes:
There are many web hosting provider websites. However, as per my research, I recommend you to choose HostGator, Hostinger, A2 Hosting, GreenGeeks, WP Engine, Inmotion, and SiteGround. If You want more options to select a website that fulfills your needs, Visit Domainory provides the best lists of Hosting providers.

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fredirichen writes:
Asphostportal is great choice. I personally use their service and I can't recommend them highly enough.

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Naten writes:
Among the available options, which server is best suited to rent based on the performance, reliability, and scalability requirements to keep my projects and business initiatives running efficiently?

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Porton writes:
I understand that you need a dedicated server that will work reliably and provide good performance. I would advise looking at servers with powerful processors and SSD drives, as they are usually faster and more reliable. It's also important to make sure you have the ability to scale your server as your business grows. Anything else you need to pay attention to?

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