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In year's past our pto has paid for conference dinners for the teachers. In our funding we claim that our funds are to benefit the students. Our executive board had a meeting and the board decided to eliminate this expense, we do not get help from the teachers and simply feel that our funds should go towards tools and events for the students. This is legal for the executive board to make this unanious decision right?

Asked by Tracy Ann



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Yes, the board can make budget decisions like this without consulting the entire membership (unless your bylaws state otherwise, which is unlikely). My question is why you have a fractured relationship with teachers and whether it can be repaired. There's no doubt that teachers sometimes take the PTO for granted and don't properly value the many ways a parent group benefits their school. On the other hand, teachers do have a lot of demands on their time and it can be frustrating when parent group leaders aren't respectful of their classroom and preparation time. We have some articles on our Teacher Appreciation page that might be helpful, including Get Teachers on Your Side. Although it may seem tempting to give teachers a taste of their own medicine, you probably count on them for support in many things -- things like distributing communications that go home to parents, helping with fundraisers, etc. Please consider whether building a bridge might benefit your group more than burning one.

Community Advice

ConcernedTreasurer writes:
I'm sorry that you're frustrated with the lack of teacher support & involvement. It's even more frustrating when you consider the name of the organization to be Parent TEACHER Organization! That being said, I wanted to pass on that our principal made it a staff rule this school year that each teacher must participate in some way or another in at least one PTO function--serving on a committee, being a volunteer at an event, etc. This is part of their job duties. I have not heard too many grumbles about it and have seen a steady stream of volunteers!

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