Question: Disappearing Fundraiser Cards

Our school tried something new this spring. Fundraising cards, and it did not do well at all. We owe and more than 1/2 our cards have not been returned or paid for. Does anyone have a good guilt trip letter we can send to our payment delinquent families?

Asked by CPerry



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I'm not sure that we have that specific letter, but I'm thinking you probably need more than one letter. The first one would be along the lines of a reminder, ie we haven't received your payment yet, it's important for funding of PTO programs such as (list your best stuff), please help us by sending in your payment by (give a date). After that date passes, send another, firmer letter reminding them of their commitment, restating that the PTO counts on that money, and to please let you know if there is any problem. Then set another date. Including a deadline is key -- people can put it off forever if you don't. Set the date no more than two weeks after you mail the first letter and no more than one week after you mail the second letter. Good luck!

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