Question: USB Thumb Drive Silicone Braclets

WOndering if anyone has a vendor they recommend for Silicone Thumbdrive bracelets? My kids just recieved these at an Apple Camp they attended and I thought they would make a great item to sell at the middle School. I thought getting them in the school colors ( maroon & or gold) with the school name would work with this age group. I would perfer using a reccomended company.

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Rose H writes:
Hi anonymous!
This would be a great question to pose on our message boards. I'll post it there to see if we can get some responses from parents!

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JeagaMom writes:
Rose C---Can you tell me in which category on the message boards you posted this? I didn't see it when I scanned the fundraising area.

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daddario writes:
It's great to hear that you're considering silicone thumbdrive bracelets as a potential item to sell at the middle school, especially customized in the school colors and with the school name. For a reliable vendor, I recommend researching reputable companies online that specialize in producing custom silicone thumbdrive bracelets. You can look for reviews and recommendations from other customers to ensure you're choosing a trusted supplier. Additionally, when it comes to enhancing connectivity options and managing USB devices, you might want to explore innovative solutions like. While see it here isn't specifically designed for silicone thumbdrive bracelets, it offers global USB access, allowing users to connect and access USB devices remotely over the internet from anywhere in the world.

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