Question: Framing Athlete Autographed Photos for SIlent Auction? Is it worth it?

Our silent auction is coming up in early May, and this year we received signed photographs from both the MN Vikings and the MN Lynx. The autographed pictures alone are valued at $75 each. I made the decision as the auction chair to take them to Michael's and have them both professionally matted and framed. Now I am being questioned if it will be worth the return. Normally we buy a cheap $5 frame to put them in. Thoughts?

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rm9116 writes:
We typically don't frame our sports photos. Since there is a limited number of people who want them, we don't want to guess what will go best with the family's decor and lose bidders if we guess incorrectly.

Community Advice

Martha writes:
I think it is a great idea. It adds class to your auction. Even if it does not bring up what you expect the first year.

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