Question: How do you chair/organize your fundraisers?

Right now our school asks for volunteers per fundraiser. The person helping with the bake sale part of our toy bingo may not be the same person who does it for our chinese auction. A friend had told me of a way they had done it at her church where there was a media chair, a bake goods/food chair, & a volunteer chair. These people were the same for as long as they wanted to do it & you told them about your event and they got everything together for it. Does anyone do it this way? What specific chairs or responsibilites do you have? If you have a different one that you like, how does it work?

Asked by Courtney



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Rose H writes:
Hi Courtney,

That's a really good question. What we have seen is no one right or wrong way-- because so many factors go into this -- personalities, manpower, etc. Some groups have a fundraising chair on the board who coordinates all fundraising efforts. For other groups, that would just be too much "structure.'' We often see groups organize by fundraising event, so there's a chair of the wrapping paper fundraiser, the cookie dough fundraiser, etc.

We have many articles on fundraising strategies and management that might be of help to you, as well.

Good luck!

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