Question: Who can vote?

We have a PTC and when they have issues that need to be voted on the only let the board vote and the "audiance" does not have a vote. I thought all parents and teacher had a vote

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
The first step is to check your group's bylaws. Usually, the voting process is spelled out there. There could be a chance that your group charges membership fees and does not let parents who haven't paid the fee (or dues) vote. But, even if that were the case, some parents would be voting and it wouldn't be just the board. We'd say it is very unusual to have only the board vote and to consider the parents at the meeting "the audience.''

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steve14 writes:
Thanks Rose, I have checked the bylaws and according to the bylaws All Officers of the Board have voting rights at all regular Board meetings. nothing about the parents. It is crazy because they get what they want and the parents have no say in the matter, thus very few parents attend the meeting. I am not sure who to turn to next but I dont like the fact that these parents are out for their own agendas and not for the good of the kids.

Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi Steve, often groups do have Board meetings and General meetings. At the Board meetings, it is common for just the board to attend and they can vote on things at their discretion, but usually there are some parameters to that. For instance, lots of groups have a rule that says the board can vote on spending of up to $200 or some similarly small amount. Your group, however, should be holding General meetings as well for all the parents. At these meetings, key issues around budgets, elections, plans, events, etc. should be discussed and, if warranted, voting by the members (all the parents) takes place.

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