Question: No Candidate to Run

If the President chooses not to run again and no one is willing to accept the office, must the old president remain until a new one is elected or does the newly elected vice-president take over?

Asked by pbielich



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi there,
You may have language in your group's bylaws about this scenario. If not, I'd say you don't want to pressure the president to stay if he or she really wants to go. While seeking someone to take over the presidency, the board can divvy up the president's responsibilities, or, as you mentioned, perhaps the vice president can pitch in.


Community Advice

MountainViewPFC writes:
I am in this situation at the end of this year. I served 2 years as President and am coming to the end of my term. As much as I have learned and had fun, Im exhausted and really want someone else to take over. If no one else does, I will stay on but I am not advertising that.

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