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The principal is wanting to redecorate the front offices and is asking the PTO to pay for it. She is requesting anywhere from $5000 - $12000. Is this something that PTO normally pays for because I don't agree with it and so she is recruiting different people for next years board so she can get the money she wants. She doesn't know that I have been told her plans and she is trying to do everything very secretly. How do I handle this. Thank you

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Advice from PTO Today

Liz L writes:
Well, that's a tall order! If your group is independent of the school, you can make your own decisions. In terms of how to spend PTO money, many PTOs budget a certain amount of money for the principal to spend on items or needs as they come up. However, the principal should be required to make a formal written request to the PTO board before he has access to these funds; the request should indicate how the money will be used and how it will benefit the students. The principal may come to the board with additional requests, and your board can handle those requests at its discretion. If your bylaws don’t specify to allocate funds through mutual discussion (with the final decision in the hands of the PTO board), then an amendment would be in order. You do want your budget to support the school’s goals, but you don’t want the school—or the principal—in control of your budget. Hope this helps, and good luck. Liz from PTO Today

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