Question: Who has the final say?

We are a private religious school with a new principal. The new principal believes that he has the final say on decisions made by the group. In other words, he can veto our votes or make requests/demands for money without a vote. I have read that other schools give the pastor veto power, but not the principal. How do other groups handle this?

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acaptoindy writes:
I am new to a PTO. Our christian school just began our PTO two years ago. This year we had a lot of changes and we have a new prinicpal. I have explained to him that we need to keep the school and the PTO seperate and I will seek his advice and inform him in advance of upcoming correspondence, fliers, etc before they are released so we are all on the same page. It's important to keep the PTO seperate (in my opinion) otherwise it would be a school organization and not a parent organization. This is a forum to have the parents help further the betterment of our school as well as voice concerns and be involved. My suggestion would be to meet with the prinicpal and the pastor to discuss the roles of the PTO that have been established. The last thing this prinicpal will want is to add to his duties. And the pTO funds are there only because the PTO raised them, the PTO would have no say over funds raised by the school and it should be the same in the alternative. Those funds are so the PTO can contirbute to Teacher appreciation, lunceons, etc. Good Luck.

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