Question: Married Couples Involvement in PTO

Our president did not submit a teacher's wife's name as Treasurer at the start of the year. I disagreed with that decision, but I didn't get involved -- she is our president and I respected her decision. After the fact, however, she asked my husband to step down as Communications Chair, but still manage the blog. I also disagree with this, he's my husband - yes - but he's also a Dad who wants to be involved. And, that's part of our goal is to involved families (the whole family). As is our teacher's wife, she's also a dedicated parent at the school. Are there any bylaws, policies, or common practices that prevent BOTH parents from being involved on the PTO?

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Community Advice

wrosenbalm writes:
Sorry - I'm secretary on the Board. She asked both spouses to step down due to possible conflicts of interest.

Community Advice

Mrs. K writes:
In our PTO married couples are welcome but if one is on the checkbook the other cannot be.

Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I would say most PTOs welcome involvement by both parents. Some groups do have a bylaw preventing couples from both holding an executive board position, but I'd say that's rare. I'm guessing your group's bylaws don't have that provision, either. I think that groups should welcome help from anyone willing to spend the time and effort. I certainly can't see a reason to prevent a teacher's wife from serving on the board simply because she's a teacher's wife. (Of course, there may be other issues involved.) And beyond not wanting a couple to hold two of four or five executive board positions, I can't think of a valid reason to prevent couples from both taking an active role.

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