Question: officers within the same family

can or should same family members be offices of a pto

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
As is often the case in life, they can but that doesn't mean they should. In all seriousness, there is not an across-the-board official rule that says family members -- even married couples -- can't be on the same board. And certainly, if they have it worked out, in terms of how they'll handle personal conflicts that might come up, then there really is no reason to discourage them. If they are able and willing to help the school community, then it is great that they want to step up and volunteer!

Community Advice

Parttimeparli writes:
I think it's asking - no , begging for trouble. And I've seen it happen. Many state PTAs forbid relatives to be officers on the same exec board. They saw a pattern of bullying and corruption that happens way too often when relatives serve together. Theft of funds happens more frequently also.

Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
You raise some very good points, Parttimeparli, and thanks for sharing about the PTAs that do forbid it. I can see how it could lead to trouble, but, if family members or spouses can behave responsibly, then it would be great to give them a chance rather than turn help away because of concerns that it could go wrong. Your comment about theft is also important. In situations where the board has two members who are family (or spouses) and one is treasurer, then it is all the more important to make sure another board member who is not a family member is routinely looking at the bank statements and functioning as an extra set of eyes on the financials.

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