Question: Fundraising and pta/school programs

in the past our pta has focused most of its attention on fundraising events. we've learned recently that we need to have more programs in order to keep all the fundraisers we hold during the year. something about a 3 programs to 1 fundraiser policy. our officers were working out these details and starting to make changes to our fundraisers, programs and the budget and everything seemed on track. we have been meeting with the school principal and now we are having issues. he feels strongly about not removing any fundraisers but also doesn't want to add any new programs. in addition, there are conflicts on what programs are sponsored by the pta vs school. if the pta sponsors a program doesn't that entitle the pta chair to organize and take responsibility for the event? if an event is sponsored by the pta doesn't the general membership and board have the right to be involved? the principal wants the best of both worlds. he wants the school to run the program and make all the decisions but have the pta collect the money, deposit and fund the program through the pta's bank account. we have sort of functioned as a funding and volunteer machine for the school. but we've learned that we must comply with pta rules, policies and bylaws. how can we work together and get more pta sponsored programs lined up with the principal's support? and are there ways to turn school sponsored programs into pta sponsored programs? if so, what do we have to do to get this done? thanks in advance.

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