Question: PTO President on a power trip?

I have been a parent volunteer with the PTO for a few years now. There is a particular person that has now held 3 different positions in the "presidency" during this time and is now serving as president. There have been a lot of people that have questioned how she is doing her "job" and have been turned away altogether. I have been curious to find out if in fact she is following the bylaws but when asked for a copy, her reply is that only the 4 ladies in the presidency can have a copy, they can never be copied or distributed, and to look at them, it must be "in the presence of one of the 4". (her words). Am I not understanding correctly what the bylaws are in place for? The way people talk about them, I never assumed that they were "top secret" as she makes them out to be. I feel like she is on a power trip, or worse, doesn't want the parents to hold her to following the bylaws. Any advice would be helpful....

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ofcgddss writes:
Sounds like a power trip to me! Our parent group has its own website and we post our bylaws for everyone to see. It is important for parents to trust the group they are giving money and time to, and part of that is making sure that everyone knows the rules.

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rinkie73 writes:
I am the president of our school's PTO & I would make & distribute bylaw copies to anyone that asked. It sounds like she has something to hide. Ask your schools principal for help & if that doesn't work go to the Board of Education. Actually, if you just mention to her that this is your plan she will probably produce a copy pretty fast.

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Rose H writes:
Good to see these answers! There should be nothing "top secret" about bylaws and they should be made availabel to parents.

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usd109 writes:
Why would you not want the bylaws out there? I jump when anyone shows interest in our PTO.

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