Question: Presidents Length term

Can you run for a third year if there's no one else? Also can you modify your bylaws extending the presidents term for 3 yrs?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
We'd say yes to both questions. Not sure you have time to modify your bylaws, get the changes approved and has this person run as president again, but give it a shot.When's your next meeting? Get word out about mending the bylaws immediately. Lots of groups have worked more flexibilty into their bylaws for this reason.

Community Advice

Mueller writes:
Our PTC is planning to amend the bylaws to state "a maximum of x years, unless there are no other candidates." Even without specific wording in th ebylaws, though, the executive board has the authority to appoint vacancies, so they may re-appoint you, but must document the reason in minutes.

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