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I have been asked by our Parent's Group to look into Winter Holiday Fundraiser for our school. However, our school has a very diverse ethnic and cultural background, thus I need to find a fundraiser which "Suits all" for the winter holiday season. I was looking into wreaths, garland and centerpieces, but also need to find other items for our school which suit the rest of our school. Any suggestions?

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Hende writes:
Scentsy Fundraisers are great! Check out this website:

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david writes:
You can also go to, contact Michelle for 50% going towards your school/sports team/etc.

Moms (which is mainly who kids end up selling to) love the items!!

There is 100% satisfaction guarantee as well!!

You can contact her and send people to the website with a code she can make for your particular fundraiser, take orders door to door or with friends and family members, etc.

She has a passion to help kids and the schools.

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37ptokids writes:

Recently we finished our fundraising push and raised just under $16K. The two gentleman James and Scott took care of everything for us. What we liked specifically was no contracts, no minimums, no costs to us.

Then they allow a 5% override for anyone we refer to them and would do the same for you.

Their contact info is James 585-709-3770 and Scott 585-943-9797

Tell them Angela referred you. Thanks

Angela A

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