Question: When to hold a candy bar selling fundraiser?

Last year our school had a candy bar selling fundraiser which went fairly well...but we feel we can do better. What period between now and Xmas works best for this type of sale? And how long should the children be selling?

Asked by Edison K-8



Advice from PTO Today

Rockne writes:
Hi Edison - Kind of a tricky question, as there are only about 6 weeks left until Christmas. Door-to-door sales (especially for younger children) are either: a) frowned upon/banned; or b) less successful (because many more parents aren't supporting), so I think you'd do best to try and hook around some public events. Example: does your town have a big high school football game at Thanksgiving? Does your school have a holiday fair? That kind of thing. Those type events create good openings for volume sales. Tim

Community Advice

jrasmussen writes:

Community Advice

clayboggess writes:
Schools raise $1.7 billion a year through product sales and candy bar sales rank towards the top of the popularity list. You can also sell candy bars at a big event. Students and parents alike can sell them at a booth or they can walk around with carriers in their hands.

This is a good idea for lots of reasons because people are more apt to make an impulse purchase at an event and your selling where there’s already a large captive audience. It’s always best to request permission well in advance because other groups will want to do the same thing. Here are some candy bar fundraiser product ideas you may want to check out.

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