Question: Starting Our PTO

Hi everyone, Recently our PTA decided to make the change from being a PTA to a PTO. We were told by the MDPTA that we will not be able to use our previous bank account to fund our new endeavor.Once we cease to exist as a PTA we will not have any money to start the PTO. My question is how do you all start your PTO'S when you did not have the money to do so?

Asked by charmcitymama2.0



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MagnetMom writes:
Start the PTO first, and start earmarking funds to that organization. Perhaps have an event that kicks off the new PTO.

Then spend down the PTA funds.

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charmcitymama2.0 writes:
Our treasurers wife (who also happens to be a kindergarten teacher at the schoo) and I were talking about doing just that.We talked about coexisting as a PTO while finishing out our term as a PTA. I so thank you for responding to my post. I will let jy members know what you said.

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